Saturday, August 27, 2011

PLL Fashion: Hanna Marin

Today we'll be looking at Hanna Marin's style which involves a lot of structured blazers.
The only blond in the bunch after Alison's death is this beauty here, Hanna. She's Alison's successor and became the instant "it girl" in school after her drastic weight loss. 

Hanna's dress at the dance-a-thon. love the cut on this piece :)

Another thing about her dress style, she's always in glamorous and mature outfits like this simple top glammed up with sequins.

Another one of her mature outfits, high waist structured dress paired with...well what else that her usual blazers..

I remember this top! Perfect for a night out and i reckon she wears it better than the model in this picture :)

One of my favourites, structured bandage corset in red & white stripes...she wears it so well with that leather jacket!

Oh yes, I remember this red wedges, I can't remember what the scene was about but all I could focus on were those shoes! 

Another item that caught my eye, this bright pink dress with a gold zipper in front, paired with her usual blazer..everything she wears just look so good with blazers somehow! Or maybe blazers look good with everything?

Oooh, I remember this fringe top too..probably next on my to buy list if its ever available in Malaysia :)

Another outfit with a blazer. What more can I say? makes you wanna stock up on blazers...

And another one....

......and another one paired with minty green ruffle top & bandage skirt. Doubt anyone would wear this to school but heck it looks good!

That's all for Hanna's style. The next post might come a bit later as I'm still quite swamped with balancing assignments and a social life this weekend =) Stay tuned!


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  2. it would be cool if u could indicate where the outfits can be found!!

  3. Would definitely take your comment into consideration! :)


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