Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PLL Fashion: Emily Fields & Mona Vanderwall

It is the holiday season over here! I hope everyone is having a good Raya break :) I enjoyed my simple but fulfilling day of IKEA meatballs, mattress hunting and "Champagne Chicken". Now it's back to assignments while watching VMA on TV...but before that, let me finish the last installment of PLL Fashion.

Emily Fields
The last of the 4 main stars in the series. Why are they all so hot? :)

Emily's fashion style is rather different from the other three who are more stylish and dressy in general. Emily has a more 'sporty' style (as seen above) probably because she's the athletic one in the bunch. 
Sporty is not really my style so most of Emily's outfits doesn't really appeal much to me...however, Emily also wears ALOT of slouchy tees that I am currently lusting for and can never seem to get enough of! Here's some ...
Red slouchy cropped tee, perfect for that off-shoulder touch.

Okay, I just saw Aria's picture on the left and would like to bring your attention to her nails. The minute I saw them I was like..."I MUST get that shade of mint green!". Oh, even Emily wore this colour as well (below)! I suppose it was 'calling' out to me :p

 So on Sunday, I got my nails painted in mint green!! Mine was from OPI Pirates of the Carribean collection and I absolutely love it!!! :) :) #satisfied

**sidetrack over**

Back to Emily's fashion..

Love this 3/4 sleeve tee with sheer sleeves..

..and this paint splattered cropped tee.

and this candy striped cropped slouchy tee...gosh where does she get her supply of tees from!!
There were many more but I just can't find pictures of them though..anyway, there were a few times when Emily wore some gorgeous dresses...
Like this one, during homecoming. Loving the cut and the electric blue colour.

..and this long electric blue (again) dress she wore during the fashion show. 
That's all for Emily's fashion!

But, the post does not end here. I just want to bring your attention to another character I (secretly) love from PLL- Mona Vanderwall.

I think she's pretty, you may disagree if you want. And yes, she is Chinese mix caucasion hence the Pan-Asian look. Her real name is Janel Parish if you are wondering..
I think she looks like one of my favourite actresses from The Vampire Diaries - Malese Jow (below- also mixed Chinese & Caucasion).
Hmm, maybe all Chinese mixed white breeds look alike? *stares into mirror* Do I look like them?? 0.0

This was Mona before her 'transformation' from nerd to bitch. Geeky right??

and this is her after becoming Hanna's sidekick as one of the IT-girls in school...and also the bitchiest one.

Her fashion is as stylish as Hanna though she does not have as many appearances in the series hence the lack of pictures to show you guys!

probably not the best picture of her but I love the dress :)
So that ends my fourth (and probably last) installment of PLL fashion. I actually quite enjoy doing these posts so I may do more in the future once I'm done with Season 2 :)

Till then!

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