Tuesday, February 9, 2016

IKEA Raskog Trolley: The most versatile item for your home


First and foremost, this is not an ad for IKEA. I just really really really love this trolley I bought from IKEA about a year ago. When I first saw this on Weylie's channel, I knew I had to get it just cause it is in this lovely blue colour and also because I had this idea of using this as a coffee table instead of getting an actual coffee table (cause I'm hipster like that). But really, I am a practical person and I figured a coffee table on wheels would be much easier right? And if it really isn't suitable then I can always use this for something else because it's sooooo versatile. Here are 13 ways to use this awesome trolley (i initially wanted to say "10 ways" but I couldn't narrow it to 10 cause it is that awesome). 

In the kitchen - which is basically the "official" function of this trolley as IKEA calls it a "kitchen cart". But who knew, it can do so much more!

In the bathroom. We all have a lot of junk on our bathroom sink (admit it!), so this is perfect to stash all your junk in and keep the sink area clear... It holds toilet paper tooo!!

In your make up room / vanity / walk-in wardrobe etc etc. Fashionistas rejoice. With this, you can do your make up anywhere in the house that has the best lighting. Just remember to prop a mirror on the top shelf so you can look at yourself too. 

In the craft room for those craft lovers out there. I actually did use this as my make-shift "craft trolley" when I was in my DIY moments (speaking of which, I hope to share some of my mini projects on this blog sometime soon!). 

For the home office. Never lose sight of those bills anymore... 

In a dorm room / your teenagers bedroom. 

As a bedside table. I personally think this is brilliant!! It can store much more than your regular bedside tables.

As a barcart / coffee station. For those who love entertaining, this is a perfect and inexpensive replacement for an actual bar at home.

As a coffee table / side table in the living room. Which is what I am doing with mine now. 

For those expecting little ones, you can use this in the nursery too as a diaper changing station. Once your little one grows up this can be used to store books / toys or just revert to the 10 other ways to use it mentioned above.

In the laundry room.

Or even for your plants. Perfect for those living in a condo with limited balcony space.  

Last but not least, if any of the above usages doesn't tickle your fancy.....you can always use it for your pets :)

Did I mention how inexpensive this cart is now? I bought it last year at RM229 and now it's only RM149 at IKEA! (Honestly, I was a bit upset when they dropped their price but oh well!). 

p/s: it's available in beige and grey too but obviously blue is the cutest colour :)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

OOTD: Post Apocalyptic Christmas

 Last Christmas I went a little further to celebrate and stumbled upon this awesome wall at District 21 that was the perfect spot for an OOTD. Love the post apocalypse vibe at this place. It is basically an indoor extreme park and I would love to play here someday. The activities looks like so much fun!

Wearing my new favourite high waisted pants from a Thai Bazaar in Alor Setar. I love that it is superrrrr stretchy + vertical stripes can never go wrong.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Home decor trend #5: Southwestern Charm

To understand what is Southwestern Decor all about, we must first understand where is the southwest? Southwestern in decor context basically refers to the Southwestern states of USA (Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Utah etc). As you may know, these states are basically filled with deserts and this "desert vibe" with a modern twist is what Southwestern decor is all about. Think Kilim rugs, taxidermy animal heads and loads of cacti...

Quick tips to this look

Colours: White, black & brown as the base colour with colourful accent pieces in rugs & cushions usually in shades of pinks, purples, red and turquoise. 

Patterns: Kilim or aztec patterns is a must. Use this as your accent piece for the room. An easy way to incorporate this pattern is via a rug or a wall art (TIP: or you could hang the rug as wall art).

Decor elements: Kilim rugs (yes, I do realise I am repeating this, but it's basically THE item that makes the most difference), bull skulls / head as wall art (don't worry, there are plenty of chic fake ones available), cacti (the more the better, plus they help detoxify the air in your home), faux fur rugs, dreamcatchers and teepees which works really well in the nursery (and your kid will thank you for it).

Have fun decorating!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

OOTD: Railway Romp

It has been so long blog! Wish I had more time to post but lately time is really my enemy. When I do have a bit of time for myself, I am consumed with watching Scandal on iFlix (which is like the best thing eva!). Anyhoo, managed to snap a couple of pics of a new romper/playsuit I bought recently. Always wanted to try one and finally dared to give it a go. I like how effortless chic it looks, though I must say rompers are a bit tricky if you need to use the loo. I love that this piece has a "lacoste" collar which gives it a classic sporty vibe. I paired it with an unintentionally matching Lacoste pumps and a long cardigan for extra coverage as the romper is quite short.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Home decor trend #4: Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic scheme has been around for the longest time and it's a really traditional English cottage look. This scheme is definitely not for the masculine as it is represented by pastel colours, florals and lace. Another important element of this look, in which the name "Shabby" came about, are the distressed furniture. No shabby chic look will be complete without at least a distressed table or dresser in view. Lastly, this is the only look where being cluttered is acceptable. Of course, you got to be selective with your clutter - think of displaying beautiful China, pots, vases , vintage books and basically anything that looks distressed and old in open shelving or glass cabinets.

Quick tips to this look

Colours: White, light pinks, light blues and teals. 

Patterns: Florals & lace - think floral wall paper / sofas / bedding and lace curtains. 

Decor elements: Flowers, distressed furniture (dressers are the easiest to find or DIY and they make a huge statement), old books, kitchenware display like pots, cups, glasses etc and baskets.  

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