Monday, September 26, 2011

Do you love abandoned amusement parks?

Because I do..

There is just something intriguing about abandoned amusement parks, they're eerie, ghastly and filled with mysteries. It makes you wonder how can a once happy, cheerful place which is heaven on earth for kids  became a dead, glum location for shrubs to grow and animal to the occasional shoot location for  photography enthusiasts or film producers. I probably fall into the same category as these photogs and film-makers who have an eye for the unusual. Would it be weird if I wanted to shoot a lookbook picture at one of these places? In fact I know of an abandoned (in fact never opened) waterpark in my neighbourhood that I always wanted to venture in...*dreams*

Spreepark, Berlin

Opened in 1969 and abandoned in 2001 after the owners went bankrupt from an 11million Euro debt.

Familiar? This was the location shoot for the movie Hanna which I loved. 

Fallen dinosours crying for help..

Grafitti-ed swan boats. Dont they look sad?

 Pripyat, Ukraine

Abandoned after the famous Chernobyl incident in 1986, though radiation levels are low now...would you still want to come here?

Abandoned train in Pripyat which is practically a ghost town now.

 Six Flags, New Orleans

Abandoned after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, its park welcome sign still indicates it's "Closed For Storm" (forever)

Looks like it's not playtime anymore..
That's the end of my morbid post, I hope I did not instill depression with these pics. I may probably be the one of the few weird souls who find beauty in images like this.....

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