Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fat Spoon & more...

So, this blog is slowly being dominated by glorious food pictures and I am not sure if I should apologize for that :) Anyway, after hearing much about the quirky Fat Spoon and it's grandma's recipe comfort food, I finally got a chance to try it out. Located in a not very obvious location of Damansara Uptown, I fell in love with it the minute I stepped in...mainly because of it's antique doors, mismatch chairs, random clothes rack tucked in a corner and dangling pots & pans...
Fat Spoon's whimsical decor..we forgot to bring our trusty camera so I had to rely on my Blackberry that night..

It was the evening of a sunless day, hence a cuppa "Fat Hot Chocolate" is the perfect companion :)

Of course, Fat Spoon also boasts about their good coffee so I urged the boy to try one..He opted for a flat white. The chinese cup next to it holds brown sugar. The Verdict: Coffee's Got Kick! 

This is the perfect grub on a chilly night! Spicy beef and macaroni soup. Thinking of it makes me crave for one right now..unfortunately, I'm not one with high tolerance for spicy food so by halfway I gave up (but finished all the tenderloin and minced meat) cause I couldn't take the spicyness. Despite that, I still love this unique dish that somehow reminds me of comfort food :) 

This was our dessert, Creme Brulee with Passionfruit Pulp. I've never eaten passionfruit from the fruit so this felt rather weird for me...I think there are other better combinations than this but that's just my take :)

On another day, we attempted cooking Bangers & Mash...

It was a success!! Look at this gorgeous meal :)

....and at last, a picture of my favourite Lou Shee Fun I had yesterday at a coffee shop near home :)
Did I make you hungry yet????

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