Friday, August 26, 2011

PLL Fashion: Spencer Hastings

Hello everyone! Today's PLL Fashion is on Spencer Hastings, my second favourite character in PLL. Not because of her looks though..she has a really unique look where she sometimes look good and sometimes doesn't..but I absolutely love the character she's playing, the curious, misunderstood by her family, mystery solving Spencer :) 

My favourite picture of her...she looks beautiful here. Did I mention I love this dress??

The homecoming silver dress :) Not everyone can pull off strapless and not everyone can pull off silver, but she was able to rock this combination! You go girl!

Spencer is into more preppy fashion, probably due to parental upbringing since they are the richest family in town. You'll see a lot of tweed, checkered shirts, jackets etc on her...This particular tweed cardigan caught my eye..and I happen to have a similar one! yay!

In one of the first few episodes she wore this cotton grey blazer with maroon trimmings that I can't keep my eyes off! 

Her idea of a 'date' top, to a date she didn't end up going...The scene of her putting on this top, was probably the hottest scene of season 2 so far! lol

I remember this top because I wanted to get a printed shirt like that for the longest time but never saw any that's worthy this. 

One of those rare moments you'll see Spencer in a girly dress :)
All pictures are from Fashion of PLL. Sorry for the abrupt ending! I have loads of work to get done, hectic weeks ahead! Watch out for Hannah Marin next :)

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