Friday, June 29, 2012

Latest Trend: Peplum Tops

Here's the latest micro trend - Peplum Tops. We have heard about peplum dresses and skirts, in which both gives an awesome silhouette to the wearer. Now, there are even peplum tops, which I initially thought would make one look fat because of the flare around the tummy area. I guess I was proven wrong when I see how well some people have been wearing them. In fact, during my window shopping yesterday I spotted it everywhere from Zara to Topshop to even Cotton On! Here are some examples :)

Topshop (Peplum top - back view)


Cotton On


Office look
Here's one from H&M

Kim Kardashian spotted wearing one

How Emma Watson wears it on the red carpet.
Last but not least, Aria rocks it with a bold skirt in the latest season of PLL.
I should go find one this weekend! :)

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