Monday, September 12, 2011

Procrastinating with pictures

it was hard to finally get an empty road on the usually bustling Jonker Street..

what do you see here? A little clothing store? An old man at his daily chores? Or a luxury car looking out of place?

Sanbanto's awesome pork burger. Taken via Blackberry, zero edits :) 

Tea/late lunch at Bread & Butter, they serve some wicked breads (below)

Spotted this in the ladies and was transported back to the "cowboy" era. Little things like this makes me happy :)
My attempt at photography on the Streets of Malacca last week & a couple little cafes we explored over the weekend. I think I have a love hate relationship with photo editing.  It makes each picture perfect the way  I want it to be but also makes me wish I had a dSLR so I can take perfect pictures with almost zero editing needed :) Till I get one, I shall rely on digital cameras and my trusty Blackberry (which surprisingly never failed me in taking awesome shots).

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