Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holidays are for eating!

This could very well pass off as another Drool Your Heart Outs entry!
Portobello mushrooms before hitting the grill

Asparagus in blankets

Pork ribs

Lamb kebab

watermelon slush


Snorta game was good fun!

"Bang Bang" game was better!

sausage platter

meatloaf :)

Pork satay

Baba cendol

Rum & Raisin Mille Crepe cake - best cake on earth!

They serve tea in a tea cosy!


Baba Laksa
Champagne chicken @ New Paris

A compilation of food this past week! We had a BBQ party last weekend which was lovely, had pork ribs, portabello mushrooms with mozarella & caramelized onions, asparagus in bacon, lamb kebabs, a homemade cake, homemade watermelon slush and many more other side dishes. Then there was "game day" at Meeples where we played some awesome fun games like Saboteur, Snorta and Bang Bang. Dinner date at Betty's Midwest was perfect, the food, the company and the walks in the park :) Then there was the roadtrip down south to Melaka where we indulged in awesome local delicacies, cendol, laksa, otak-otak, satay babi and the best of them all....Mille Crepe Cakes from Nadaje I had been craving for a whole year! I feel so satisfied now :) That should be able to satisfy my Melaka food cravings for another year! With that, ends my week long holiday....which unfortunately include me getting a sorethroat again, and facing a presentation on Tuesday with a sorethroat is not good! 

But still, I wish there were more holidays for us to indulge in...*dreams on*

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