Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random musings: Scallops

I have been doing many fashion posts lately, so why not another one eh?

Just a mini compilation of one of my current muses - scallops. 
And I don't mean seafood :) 

p/s: pictures are from random websites while blog shop surfing

Chloe scalloped bikini - super love. 

also available in pink, and probably gonna cost a bomb too.

Okay, just realised there is nothing scallop here but loving the ribbon-ed back anyway :)

Cut out top, scalloped trimmed bandage skirt. yum.

Scallopy top and scallop trimmed bandage skirt in mustard (double love)

not exactly scallop but loving the back

same as above but open backed instead
Promise, the next update will be not be about fashion or clothes! Just for a change :)

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