Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coffee @ Antipodean!

Just a mini update because I have been raving about this place for a couple of months now since my friend recommended it to me. They serve Kiwi/Australian cuisine and really awesome Indonesian coffee. In fact, they first started out in Jakarta and now they have a branch in Bangsar which I have visited twice!! 
Food is great, coffee is probably the best (aka strongest I have tasted in Malaysia so far) so do pay them a visit! 

p/s: I am not paid to do this, i love coffee and wanna spread the word to all coffee lovers out there! 

Their menu is all on the walls, kinda reminds me of Magnificent Fish & Chips on Changkat that has the same concept..

Cappucino that my friend had..I didn't try this but looks so good right?

Machiato I ordered, I wasn't expecting this to be in such a tiny cup cause cafe's in Malaysia don't really serve coffee like this so this was a good change from the usuals! It is uber strong so I recommend you to try this only if you like your coffee bitter.
p/s: to those who are clueless, Machiato is prepared by pouring the milk first, then the expresso shot. As opposed to Latte where the shot goes in before the milk (as explained by an ex Starbucks barista friend)

My apologies for forgetting the name of this drink the waiter recommended. Cafe BerXXXn.. .Basically, it is coffee and chocolate but its different from mocha cause you can taste more chocolate in this drink. 

Kiwi Lamb burger is highly recommended for something different than your usual pork/beef burgers.

One of the best Big Breakfasts! Best part is, its available ALL DAY!! 

Anyway, do go and check it out and let me know if you feel the same way :) It's located on Jalan Telawi 2, next to Celcom. 


  1. Ooh must go there soon! Heard so many good things about it... those mushrooms look awesome :D -wen

  2. It's good! you should give it a try especially if you like coffee or know anyone who loves coffee..bring them there!


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