Sunday, November 22, 2015

OOTD: Railway Romp

It has been so long blog! Wish I had more time to post but lately time is really my enemy. When I do have a bit of time for myself, I am consumed with watching Scandal on iFlix (which is like the best thing eva!). Anyhoo, managed to snap a couple of pics of a new romper/playsuit I bought recently. Always wanted to try one and finally dared to give it a go. I like how effortless chic it looks, though I must say rompers are a bit tricky if you need to use the loo. I love that this piece has a "lacoste" collar which gives it a classic sporty vibe. I paired it with an unintentionally matching Lacoste pumps and a long cardigan for extra coverage as the romper is quite short.

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