Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Visual diary for the past two weeks! Sorry I've been lazy with photos lately :)

self made heart :) 

chanced upon this Lefties tee for a really low price in Times Square, thin, white, loose and a longer back - PERFECT!

Siphons & Ice Drips @ Typica, a boutique coffee place in the most obscure corner of KL

Pandan Flavored Coffee

Coffee or martini?

Birthday dinner date <3

One of the best cream of mushroom!

mocha & muffin supper!

Our spanking new National Palace

Pre-birthday BBQ steamboat lunch!
That sums up almost two weeks of self-declared fun (with lots of errands in between). Gonna start following my "holiday timetable" soon. Only a crazy person like me will pre-plan her holidays with more work, symposiums, self-directed learning and lots of catching up on old movies!

Before I forget, been wanting to share this video for awhile now. Loving this Katy Perry song! The MV is so sad, makes me tear a little inside somehow.

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