Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday's Story

I was wearing an ugly T-shirt and jeans, messy hair, totally unprepared for the scene that was about to happen. I was walking towards this mansion. Inside the mansion, there were my friends sitting at a big rectangular table. I can't quite recall who was there but I remember seeing some secondary school friends there. Apparently, there was a reunion going on and I forgot about it but happened to bump into these friends of mine. They invited me to the table and we did some usual small talk. It was then I realised he was also sitting at the same table. Someone, I had not seen in very long time. I could see it in his eyes that there was something going on, something he needed to get out. I always knew when he has something on his mind. Perhaps I am a good judge of facial expression. We said "hi" and started small talk. For some reason, the topic of relationships popped up.

I asked "So, are you seeing anyone now?"
He said "Yes"

And for some other reason, which is most likely my very accurate gut instinct, I asked, "Is it Ethan?" Now, Ethan was a mutual friend of ours whom I had not seen for years as well.

He nodded.

I was in shock and at the same time I can't believe I was right. I was right that he was with Ethan, I was right that he But he didn't seem gay at all! We decided to have a walk, and it felt like the longest walk ever. We walked around the mansion and talked about it. He looked guilty, but at the same time he looked lost. When we reached the back of the mansion, I lost it. I had to wake him up! I told him that he must be crazy! I told him that he was NOT gay. I told him I knew for sure he is straight and he should know why too! At that point we drew attention of my friends who were seated inside. We tried to move to a quieter spot but there always seems to be someone trying to peek at us. I knew I prayed that he would find someone he truly loved, I wanted him to be free and to love someone wholeheartedly, with full commitment. But I didn't know God would turn him gay....

I was frustrated beyond words.

And then I woke up. It was 11.15am on a Sunday morning. The dream felt so real and vivid. It must have been those drowsy flu medication I took that caused such a weird dream. Well, at least it is just a dream and that he didn't really turn gay. But then again, since I was young, every time I had a vivid dream, it somehow comes true, although not exactly like the dream. For instance, I dreamt of many random friends whom I have not met in a long time, and the following day, or a couple days later, I will bump into them on the streets. Or when I check Facebook or Friendster (back then), something will happen to them.. it could be good things like marriage or bad things like accidents.

Brushing that fact away, I went and made my usual coffee still amused at how my day started with such a weird dream. I drank my coffee as I read Barack Obama's, Dreams of My Father. I started this book 6 months ago but it somehow stalled due to my busy schedule. Few hours into the book, with a lunch break in between, my phone beeped an SMS. I read it and it was my results from the university. They were one day early to release my results! It was fantastic! I have not been so happy in such a long time because for the first time in my life, I manage to score three high distinctions in one semester. Funny how I never got any during my Bachelor's Degree when it is supposedly the easier degree. I guess I have finally matured in my thinking and really worked hard for my Masters. Thank you God. I feel so blessed. After texting some classmates and inquired about their marks, I went back to reading my book. Halfway through the Epilogue I felt the drowsiness kick in from my afternoon dose of flu meds....I managed to finish the book anyway, which followed by me falling in to deep sleep.

Until half an hour later, when my phone beeped. I replied and went back to sleep. Then, I remembered my phone was charging and woke up to unplug it because it was done. I went back to sleep again...until I heard the faint sounds of thunder. Woke up and saw that it was raining. I remembered I left my white canvas shoes to dry and ran downstairs to get it in and went back to sleep. I did not get much sleep due to the disturbance but I guess it was enough for me. By the time I woke up it was dinner time.

It felt like the most peaceful and relaxing Sunday I have ever had.

After dinner, I decided to surf the internet a little. I opened my blog with a sudden inspiration to write. I am not sure if it's reading Obama's inspiring book that made me want to write again or that the drugs brought out my "writer" side in me. Whatever it is, I was determined to write something on this blog today. I decided to start with that little dream I had this morning.....

For some reason, a thought came in my head and reminded me that most of my weird dreams will somehow come true. Out of curiousity, I clicked his Facebook page..and there it was.

His status has just changed from being "single" to "in a relationship".

Now, I am pretty sure he did not turn gay, but somehow, the dream I had this morning, did happen in a way. This just made my Sunday a wee bit interesting. Perhaps I am a psychic...


Today, marks the day God answered two of my prayers. As to what did I pray for? That's for me to know, and probably for you to not find out :) Cheers guys!


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