Friday, July 27, 2012

New In

White chiffon blouse with black trims from Seed // Neon yellow case from Daiso

Finally found the perfect white shirt - A Chanel-inspired chiffon blouse with black trimmings. I love how classy it looks. This is also the most expensive top in my wardrobe to date which was a gift from my mother :) Also spotted a neon case in Daiso and thought I could use it as a clutch since bright colours are so in season! Generally happy with my latest haul. On a side note, the last four days was torturous with no internet at home. I finally realised the one thing I can't live without, is internet. I could do without a camera but not internet! Coincidently, camera and phone has issues this week as well. Why does all techy stuff give problems at the same time? A mystery I'll never solve...   


  1. since u adore chanel inspired outfit, i wud hav to suggest that u check out chanel inspired tweed jacket in different colours from tory burch, zara n MNG chica. very gorgeous, i tell you.haha. adore ur blog.

    1. Hey Tiara! Thank you for reading :) will definitely check them out :D


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