Thursday, January 17, 2013

Project Accessory

I've been watching this new show on TV lately called Project Accessory and it's quite interesting. I now have a whole new respect for accessory designers. I am usually not big on accessories but this show changed my mind so I shall try and incorporate more accessories in my wardrobe soon!

Swimsuit challenge

That bag is made out of a beach mat!

My favourite look for the swimsuit challenge. Yes, sandals made out of scratch..
Shoe challenge

This was the winning shoe

This was another interesting piece. Would have been better if the front part of the shoe was wedged as well. #likeapro
The body suit challenge

I think this was the toughest challenge yet where many failed miserably...
This one here looks kinda Avatar-ish, well, except that the tail is in front ..
And this...this...words can't even describe. I am not sure which is more wrong, the eskimo hat or wearing leg warmers with open toe heels *faints*
Anyway, its an interesting show to watch, especially since I spend most nights these days being a couch potato in front of the TV. I never understood why grown-ups love to watch TV but now I IS the best way to unwind after spending a whole day in the office. Sigh, welcome to adulthood! 

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