Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to school outfits

Some outfit inspirations I would consider wearing to class :)

 dressing down a maxi with a denim jacket. Oh and I love that backpack! Where can I get a cheaper version of that??
 I can never get enough of stripes and mustard. This look is doable but I prefer breton stripes over normal stripes though...
 For warm days at class...nude high waist pants and bright print top with a statement clutch.
 For colder days (which seems to be the case these few days), slouchy grey sweater, basic mini skirt and sheer stockings...I have not been brave enough to don sheer stockings in class though..may come across a tad bit overdressed cause everyone else is so casual -__-
 For preppy days, button up shirt, oxfords, suspenders & envelope bag :)
Lastly, this lookbook by WhoWhatWear caught my eye! Everything here looks preppy enough for school. I especially love the yellow stripe sweater and scallopy pink top! *lusts*

It is a cold day today, considering wearing my thickest Nike jacket to embrace the cool weather and the freezing lecture hall. Tuesdays are the only days we get to use the lecture hall..cause our classes are not big enough on normal days to occupy lecture halls #randomfact.

Happy Tuesday people! I'm looking forward to 8.30pm tonight ;)

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