Friday, August 12, 2011


A friend of ours decided to give us a treat on Saturday in conjunction with her first pay check. The location was at Senjyu which is one of her company's restaurants. 

Flower tea

Fruity Maki, their specialty. Do try this creative dish. 

What's jap food without sashimi. I like my Salmon Sashimi like this, sliced thick. 

A dozen oysters (only four shown here). My first time trying raw oysters! But i still don't fancy it much. Nevermind.

Sukiyaki (i think), nothing too special about this one though.

Awesome Wagyu beef. Now, before all you Wagyu lovers shoot us down for cubing the beef (makes it lose it's natural juices), Senjyu does not cube their beef, we requested this to be done because we were sharing among 11 people hence it was necessary. 

Salmon mentaiko. Another favorite of the night, for me at least. 

Best sorbet in the world. Served in an orange skin. Sour but refreshing in a way! This was to clear our palate for dessert.

This macha ice-cream was complimentary to those who checked into Senjyu on Foursquare, which consists of half our table ;)

Our last dessert! This was home baked and not from Senjyu btw, to celebrate one of our friend's birthday :) They did give us free vanilla ice-cream to go with the cake which was superb!
Anyway, that was the highlight of last week. If you have some $$$ to spare, do go try out Senjyu. 
I'm also truly sorry for not blogging so often anymore. I've been bogged down with classes, assignments, homework and a lot of group discussions in campus. Its crazy! Practically have no time for anything else. Though I managed to squeeze in some time for my current leisure book reading (Dreams of my Father, Barack Obama) and also a couple of episodes of Pretty Little Liars which is a brilliant series! Love it! Oh and not forgetting, weekends are reserved for fun! But not for long unfortunately :( I should get back to work now, bringing our international classmates (which is more than half the class) out tonight for some REAL Malaysian food :) 


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