Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lookbook lust

Currently blogging from uni because I can view LB easier over here (it doesn't lag or hang my laptop like back home!) Anyway, just selected a few looks that I think I can replicate :) Mainly simple looks though.

Grey oversize tank - I have a white & pink version, doubt it would work though
Maroon pants - I have a yellow pants or maroon shorts that I could substitute this with? Yes? No?
Studded high heels - Yes and dying to wear it out for a LB photo
Wayfarers - Check
Red lips - double check
 Thinking twice, I may not be able to pull this off without a grey oversize tank.....

Denim shorts - check
Sheer white shirt - check
White canvas shoes - check
Big brown bag - I have 2! (though both look different from this one here)

Slouchy semi transparent jumper - NONE (almost bought one though, thinking of replacing this with a black slouchy top I have)
Orange shorts - NONE
Okay looks like this look is deemed to fail unless I find myself a pair of orange shorts hmmmm. I also noticed orange is in season this summer.
White wedges - Yes, but I will need to get them mended though.
Dog as accessory?
Lady Gaga-esque shades - Lusting for one now. Gimmeee oneee.

Huge slouchy grey jumper - No, but I do have a not so slouchy sweater I could improvise...
Sheer leggings - Yes
Leopard print heels - unfortunately no, and not planning to get one either.
Black studded bag - Yes!
Blue nails - YES!

Grandma cardi - YESS!! hand me down from the mother.
Pink peter pan top - Check
Black mini skirt - Check
Sheer leggings - Check
Brown envelope bag - Check (mine's a bigger version)
huge black rimmed glasses - CHECK! and mine comes with power though not as huge as hers..
Brown oxford boots - would like to get one but can't wear them in this weather, sigh.

Slouchy white tee - Check
Denim faded shorts - Check
Black leather jacket - unfortunately I cant wear leather in the weather here! Unless I have a faux one..
Converse - Nope, I could sub this with my white canvas though..
Big beige canvas tote - Yes! Courtesy of my uni..thankfully the design is street friendly..
Green dip-dye hair - I WANT THIS ZOMG! *impulsive*
Ok, post ends abrubtly here because I think I should spend the next hour reading my Law text book. Goodbye!

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