Sunday, November 6, 2011

weekend again!

 Pictures of random things I love and some from the weekend.
Love the efforless hair bun, scallop casual top and the whole effortless effect of this pic..

Cut out shoulder top and vintage backpack

Vintage clutch and white nails

Neon nails and John Lennon inspired round sunnies :)
Pictures above from Olivia Lopez

Chanced upon fried mars bars! A rare sight in my country...

It was actually pretty good! Reminds me of the first one I had 2 years ago...

Probably the best words of wisdom ever found on a T-Shirt @ Uniqlo
saw these two darlings outside my home today! 
Been extremely busy with exams, studying till I fell sick, relatives coming over to stay, morning Dim Sum, finding fried mars bars, late night tea sessions with cousins and aunts (which is so rare!), nursing my flu and shopping at Uniqlo in which I've invested in a cable-knitted wool hooded cardigan, wool tights, a Heattech top and a t-shirt that says Hogwarts which I love to bits :) Cause I'm a nerd like that.. Now back to the studying mo-jo and hopefully I've recover soon!

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