Sunday, October 30, 2011


It has been awhile since I've posted glorious food pictures on this blog so here goes! 
Photo diary from last night's fine dining at a wedding dinner at The Westin :) 

Pictures taken via Blackberry, non-edited because..I am lazy and my phone takes decent pics anyway :) 

Our menu.

Clockwise L-R: Double crab creamy garlic lotion, Calamansi chilli marinated taiwanese shell abalone, Applewood smoked chicken mango sauce, Kataifi breaded fish mousse.

Braised shark's fin soup, dry scallop shredded seafood with twin melon broth
Comment: This is the second time I actually ate real shark fin (with the fin still intact). Very chewy unlike those usual "shark fin" soups served at Chinese dinners. 

Roasted chicken with crispy garlic dressing

Sauteed fillet of salmon, perchik sauce, green asparagus - one of my favourites of the night

Charbroiled king prawn skewer with honey wasabi lotion

Oven roasted button mushroom, green asparagus, snail butter sauce - this looks like nothing much but it was the best dish of the night! I love those mushrooms!

Mango meringue tart with soya bean ice cream
All in all good food, good ambience and the wedding left me dreaming of that white Cadillac for a wedding car last night :)
 Congrats to the happy couple!


  1. salmon with percik sauce! wonder when we'll ever see that in a restaurant outside of

  2. lol start your own restaurant one day! Drops Of Contentment seems like a good name for good food :)


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