Thursday, October 27, 2011

I cropped my top.

Would have been the title of my LB post if I had a proper picture to upload. Unfortunately, the only picture I have is a self shot (tried the best to minimize the obviousness) with my Blackberry. No head nor knees in the picture = not allowed for LB. Back to the story, I once bought this top that was on sale from Topshop with lovely lace detailing on the front which I loved. Sadly, I only realised the top was deformed at the bottom when I got home, which made it unwearable on the outside. Sigh. I only wore it underneath tops for a layering effect but even then it didn't look nice cause of the defect. So finally, after abandoning it for sometime...i grabbed a scissors and chopped the bottom off. Now I have a lovely cropped top. I can already think of a gazillion ways to wear this, under and over..and on its own? Maybe on a beach ;)

DIY cropped lace top, DIY cropped denim shorts from the early 00s and black corporate blazer
p/s: really should have fixed my sleeve. I wanted it folded in a messy way but didnt turn out too good. my bad!

Today's look inspired by:

Anyway, I don't think the public here appreciates much skin so if you're ever going to wear a cropped top, make sure you wear it with high waist-ed pants or a blazer, or both! :) 


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