Saturday, February 18, 2012

Travelogue: Bangalore, Karnataka

Not many pictures because I was down with food poisoning the day before I had to leave for Bangalore in the Southern part of India. Had to endure a 2 and half hour flight (not including time spent sitting on the plane waiting for the 36 aircrafts in queue before us to fly off, no thanks to heavy fog that morning) while having food poisoning (which most of the people in my tour got). In fact, two of my friends were so sick they had to leave the plane to get medical attention. It felt so crazily surreal yet it was happening...You know those scenes in movies where someone gets hurt and the air stewardess calls out "is there a doctor in this plane?!". Yes, that actually happened! So fast forward about 4 hours later, we landed in Bangalore. I was so weak I could not pay much attention to my surroundings. My first sight was lots of sand, cloudless sky and I felt the sun for once after 14 days of gloomy skies, I actually thought I landed in a desert...However, I did feel more at home when I saw the sunlight and palm trees. Unfortunately, I was stuck at my hotel most of the time because my illness got worst. The only place I went to was the hospital, and on one of those auto-rickshaws I must add, which is a "must-try" experience in India. Thankfully, I was too sick to feel scared so it wasn't a bad experience for me...

Nickname: Silicon Valley of the East
Weather: Tropical but without the humidity so you don't really sweat (about 25C)
Time difference: 2 and half hours from Malaysian time
Accomodation: Regaalis Hotel, Lavelle Road (some rooms come with a massage chair)

Bangalore Airport

food I could not eat sigh

Do not be fooled by the dodgy look of this hospital...

Doctors are equipped with Macs here. 

Here's an abrupt end to this post because that is all the pictures I have from Bangalore. Its so sad that I only got pictures from airports and hospitals....but generally, Bangalore is much more civilized and developed than Delhi, judging from the branded malls, absence of animals on streets (except stray dogs) and availability of classy Chinese restaurants that does delivery (which was my saving grace otherwise I would not have ANYTHING else to eat besides oatmeal). Okay, typing this post is making me depressed again from missing out so much! Good night people xx

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