Friday, February 10, 2012

Travelogue: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Hangzhou, the most romantic city in China because of two famous ancient Chinese love stories that happened in the Westlake - Butterfly Lovers and The White Snake Lady. My time in Hangzhou was a short one. We arrived at our lovely Westlake Hillview Hotel with the most amazing fresh air I inhaled from all my trips to Hong Kong and China...only to be kicked out the following day because government officials had a meeting at the hotel and wanted all guests (namely our whole tour group) out of the hotel! That was my first taste of communism right there. We still managed to fit in repacking and shifting hotels while also visiting Wahaha's factory(China's version of Coca-Cola) and touring the west lake by boat and foot. Not forgetting yummy home cooked meals by a tiny family restaurant and having my first taste of Chinese KFC...and H&M :)

Weather: 5C but feels like 0C
Time difference: None
Accommodation: Westlake Hillview Hotel and Ramada Hotel

Bicycles are free for rental here

Our "lovely" doorless bathroom which comes with condoms for sale (only saw this in Hangzhou hotels) that we had to say goodbye to after one night....

Patatoes and minced meat, finally something close to home after all those weird "fine Chinese dining" we had to go through.

More homey food! 

At Wahaha

Bidding goodbye to Westlake Hillview hotel after we got kicked out.

Peking duck flavoured KFC "twister" (as we call it in Malaysia)

The breath-taking west lake. No editing done on this picture...I just love the calmness in this picture. 

My two Indian friends and a suspiciously GMO looking corn. 

A lonely bench for a lonely walk in the park.

Still can't get enough of west lake and its beauty.

Streets of Hangzhou at night

back alleys selling souvenirs and what nots.

We had dinner at this local open air food court where we freezed our asses and risked food poisoning. I stuck to "safe food" and bubble tea though. 

Treated myself to some Cold Stone ice-cream in the cold! Eating ice-cream is something we MUST do in winter, just cause.

Of course, shopping makes the world go round for me so these were my buys in Hangzhou! H&M Blazer that was on offer, Schwarzkopf hair serum which made my hair smell like chocolates, Chinese herbal sweets and Limi Lip & Cheek tint :) 


"Negotiations not confrontations. If everyone lived like that the world will be at peace." - Me

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