Friday, February 24, 2012

Tutorial: Strawberry Shortcake with Choco Top Nails

I know I said I'll blog about "Fine Dining" in China but that post has a lot of pictures so it can wait till I have more time on my hands. Probably tomorrow?

As for today, I am doing a tutorial (sort of) for one of my favorite activities at home - painting my nails. This design is rather simple and the reason that inspired me to do this is because, I just wanted to cover up my chipped nails. So it's pretty much a cheat way to cover up flawed nails =)

Three things to keep in mind before doing any sort of nail painting is:

1) Do not do this right before you sleep at night. This is because you get "cloth" marks on your nails when you sleep, eventhough it seems dry, it is not 100% dried so the pressure from your bedsheets will leave marks on your nails.

2) Make sure you do not intend to go out within an hour after painting your nails. The reason is because putting on make-up, wearing clothes and shoes will mess up your nails! Especially when your shoe require lacing or buckling. #truestory

3) Always use your left hand to paint your right hand FIRST (if you are a right hander and vice versa) because if you paint your left hand first, you need to paint your right hand with not only your weaker hand, but also a freshly painted weaker hand. Unfortunately, I am always caught committing this "crime". Its not easy when you're so used to using your right hand first...

The colours I used are Burgundy from Elianto for the tips (left) and a pink metallic colour (right) for the base.

The next step is to stick a layer of tape on half of your nail. You need to make sure that your base layer is extremely dry before doing this. Alternatively, you can do the base colour the day before so it is definitely dry enough. Also, make sure the tape is snug enough especially so the polish do not seep under the tape. However, the tape should not be too sticky. You may stick the tape on your palm first to reduce the stickiness before taping it to your nails.

 Using the burgundy polish, paint over the nails. Wait for it to dry for about 15-20 minutes before gently removing the tape. If the tape is too sticky, your base polish might come off. 

Tadah! Finish off with a top coat to seal it off and you're done. Works great to extend the life/cover up your chipped nails :) Note: I have not applied my top coat yet in this picture. 

So there goes my first tutorial. Hope you like it! I know it isn't a proper tutorial per se but I might do better ones in the future. 

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