Monday, April 16, 2012

Latest haul!

The following pictures are the stuff I got from a recent warehouse sale. Each of these costs RM3 only! It was crazyyy cheap *satisfied grin*

Teal/Turqoise linen blazer - RM3 ONLY!

Gold cropped cardigan and an oversized Old Navy long sleeve tee. I am aware that it is 4 sizes bigger than my size but I'm loving the slouchy effect I get off it :) Oh yes, RM3 each as well!!
Here's some inspiration on how to wear them, taken from lookbook (unless specified) :) 

Chloe Ting - this blazer here is very similar to the one I got except that mine is darker and shorter :)

Fashion Toast 

My latest nails :)

Ending the post with a picture of Tyler Blackburn - my favourite guy from PLL. those eyes.....

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