Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: J Spring Fashion Show @ Skybridge

Hello everyone! It's good to be back. Sorry for the lack of updates as I have been extremely busy with assignments, presentations, classes, events and well, managing some heart matters. But all is good now and it's time to update this blog with a review of my first FASHION SHOW :) 


A couple weeks back, I got invited to the super exclusive J Spring Fashion Show which is the first ever fashion show to be held on Malaysia's famous Petronas Skybridge. It has also gone down in history to become the worlds highest fashion show! Now, am I lucky to be there or what?! I first knew about this show a few weeks prior to the event when I saw the interview of J Model Management's director, Jessica Minh Anh on 8TV Quickie. I was truly impressed by her passion and intelligence when she talked about the show and remembered thinking to myself how cool it would be to see the fashion show with my own eyes. And I did :) 

I'm only posting some of my favourite looks of the night and apologies for the bad quality photos as I had to use my Blackberry since my camera failed on me, leaving me camera-less for God knows how long! 
The spectacular venue that usually only allows 20 odd people on the bridge at one time.

The guests and the runway.
The DJ whom I sat next to the whole night.
Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Lim Kok Wing and his daughter Tiffanee Marie Lim who was just 2 seats away! 

The opening dress by  Taiwanese designer Shiatzy Chen worn by none other than Jessica herself.

One of my favourites of the night, something I could actually wear out :)

Loving the shoes!
Of course,one of the highlights of the night was the swimwear collection by Gottex :) They made sure it was "covered up" enough for Malaysian standards. 

And last but not least, was the main highlight of the night, the FINALE - A cake made entirely with sugar! But before that, the models came out holding tiny cakes made by Just Heavenly who were one of the sponsors of the night.

I wonder how they maintain that expressionless look the whole time. 

The prelude to the finale dress....

Ta dah! A dress made from sugar by Just Heavenly. Interesting? *pic was stolen from Just Heavenly's site*

The networking session at the VIP lounge and a very busy Jessica entertaining reporters

Oh yes, guests of the night were allowed to go up to the highest floor of the Twin Towers for a magnificent view of KL! How cool is that? =)

That's me peering into the binoculars..

Last but not least, every one of us got one of the tiny cakes by Just Heavenly in our goodie bags. It was actually edible!

All in all, my first fashion show was a really good experience :) I wouldn't mind doing this again! Congrats to Jessica for putting up a great show. 

Till my next post.

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  1. this was featured in The Star today :)


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