Friday, July 13, 2012

Outfit Concepts.

Last night I was on ASOS and discovered the "Create Outfit" tab. I was having fun designing my own concept boards and soon enough I realised I had spent 2 hours on them and it was close to 2am! It wasn't good enough for me so today I played around with it using a picture editing software and added words and icons here and there. It was fun! This is definitely going to be my new hobby! :D

All outfits from ASOS :)

Coordination Number 1 - What I would like to wear to the beach! 
This was my first try and it wasn't very nicely done I must admit. I even totally forgot about adding accessories!! But then again, I don't wear accessories to the beach so its fine :) #consoles

I chose a bandeau bikini because they are the best kind to tan in. I would advice to avoid it if you're going surfing or doing water wouldn't wanna risk your bikini falling off ;) Match it with high waisted faded denim and throw on a loose chiffon top for an effortless chic beach look. I love the fact that the top is low enough to show some of that cute bikini prints. Also, I'm loving the colour of the diamant√© sandals and sling bag which seems to belong to each other. Don't forget your vintage shades and a straw hat to block those harsh UV rays.

Coordinate Number 2 - What I would like to wear to the office

Office wear are usually boring and monotonous. I never really had a chance to don office wear since my first job provided uniforms and my second one allows casual wear to work. So, I am really looking forward for a chance to rock some structured skirts and chiffon blouses. Here I chose a polkadot dusty pink chiffon shirt with black trims at the collar and sleeves. I particularly love black trims cause it somehow gives the top an extra classy feel to it. A structured black midi skirt is practically an office wardrobe staple followed by a black structured bag. For accessories, I chose ear-studs to keep it professional looking and two rings since most of us would be at our keyboard most of the time so looking at pretty rings while we type helps in the mood department, no? Also, not forgetting this gorgeous rose gold watch (IMO, watches are a MUST in the office). Top that off with this nude pumps which I won't wear in reality because it's too high for my comfort...but this isn't reality so a girl can dream :) 

 Coordinate Number 3 - What I would like to wear on a casual day out...
For that weekend brunch with girlfriends or casual dates, I would love to play it up a little with mixes of colours and prints. It's the weekend anyway so we're allowed to go crazy with our outfits! Whoever said you can't wear prints on prints is wrong because if you select your pieces properly, prints on prints can look good. Here I chose a bright printed orange skirt to match with a bird print top. Yes, my soft spot has gotta be bird/swallow printed stuff (for personal reasons). The key to matching prints is to keep the print size different (ie: noisy vs sparse prints) and the colour scheme the same. In this case, it is obvious that I am only sticking to orange and blue themes, so the prints don't look too overwhelming. Decided to go crazy with accesories - feathered necklace, statement ring, swallow (again!!) ear studs, electric blue clutch and orange suede heels to be worn with white ankle socks (the socks in the concept looks grey because I couldn't find a picture of white socks on ASOS). On a sidenote: People in Malaysia need to start adopting the ankle socks with shoes/heels/wedges trend. Why are we so slow?! 

Coordinate Number 4 - What I would like to wear on a hot date ;)
 A high-low tail dress. Simple, black and chic. But doesn't mean it has to be boring. In this look, its all about accessorizing. The colour code here is simple - black, white and dusty pink. I went for a chunky metal necklace that's really in now. Love how simple, yet eye-catching it looks. Of course since the dress is so plain, I added a longer feather drop necklace for more detailing. Chose a metal tassel earrings, a chunky but simple ring as well as a white leather strap bracelet for additional details. Last but not least, a black and white clutch and a studded rose pink heel makes the whole look a little more edgy. I love this combo the most! Now, where is my hot date? 

Coordinate Number 5 - What I would like to wear for my Lookbook shoot. 

Everyone is entitled to go crazy for their outfits. Ideally I would want to wear this but realistically, I may get a lot of stares if I wore this on the streets of KL. Especially with those gorgeous Jefferey Campbell Night Lita's that I have been lusting forever and ever. Sigh. Anyway, this was sort of an anything goes outfit as you can see I have thrown in pastels, neons, rock and roll, lace and a freaking blazer all in one look but I think it will work. The lace bra and lace top (which is actually a slip) and pastel pink shorts gives the look a sexy feminine touch while the blue tassel earrings and yellow neon bag gives it a pop of colour. Cover it up with a nude blazer for a more polished feel and of course the spikey bangle and shades are to balance out the grungy-ness of JC's Night Lita shoes. 

Writing this post made me feel so happy! I guess fashion is my calling after all. I have spent hours on this but time flies way too soon and now I need to head out for dinner :) So tell me, which look do you love the most?


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