Sunday, August 25, 2013

Very delayed Insta-post

It has been too long since I did an Insta-post, so here goes :)

What I wore to a Malay wedding last night. Rocking my new red heels. I didn't have a traditional Malay dress to wear so I created my own version of a modern kurung. Dorothy Perkins mini dress paired with a long black skirt. My red heels coincidently matched the theme too.
My favourite tiramisu cake from Alexis
Big breakfasts are love.
First time trying pulled burger @ LOKL Cafe
i-City after a hearty seafood dinner in klang
My latest colour, fell in love with this pastel yellow instantly!
Before getting my hair coloured for the first time in many years!
Authentic Chetinad food....waaay too spicy for me. My favourite dish is the sauteed cauliflower (far left), trust me, it does not taste like cauliflower at all! I guess this would be perfect for people who hate eating their greens haha
Just another day at work. Can't wait for August to end!
Good catch up session over yummy home cooked food with my uni mates.

That's all people, have a good weekend!

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