Saturday, May 24, 2014

Photo Diary: Tronoh

What's an undercroft?


The reason for this trip to Tronoh was to check out the boyfriend's Alma Mater which he's been wanting to show me for some time now. Prior to this, I've never even known a town like Tronoh existed. It's pretty interesting to discover treasures in your own backyard sometimes... I absolutely loved the tranquillity of this vintage town mixed together the the modernness of UTP, especially their awesome library which was unfortunately closed that day. I must say I had a much needed getaway from the city life I'm so used to... and had a ball taking pictures of "scenery" along the way much to the amusement of the boyfriend. Can you blame me? Mountains uncluttered by high-rise buildings or fancy condominiums are a rare sight to me :D

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