Friday, June 20, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: A throwback to 2010

This is practically a cheat Travelogue post cause this trip was before I even started this blog! However, it was something I would like to include here cause it was a memorable one. It was the first time I travelled alone and also the first time I travelled for work :) You'll be seeing a lot of pictures of this amazing resort I stayed in called The Magellan Sutera. My favourite memory of the trip was those lonely walks by the pier with amazing view of yachts and crystal clear waters you could see the sea urchins in there! So worth skipping the shuttle bus for this. 

Mandatory pic with an Orang Utan (sorry didn't get to see any real ones)

Kolo Mee! Something you don't often get in Peninsular Malaysia

Breakfast by the pool.
Sabah's equivalent to Baskin's Robbins
Go to some random mall, eat at their random food court but still get a nice view.

Till we meet again!

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