Saturday, June 14, 2014

Taylor Swift Red Tour, Malaysia!

Sometime in March, I marked my calendar to remind myself to buy Taylor Swift concert tickets. It was the first time she's coming to Malaysia and I was waiting for this day to come where I could finally attend a concert of someone that I really liked. I have attended many concerts before...Gwen Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, One Republic, Avril Lavigne (twice!), Kelly Clarkson...etc etc but although I do enjoy their music very much they are not exactly what I would call my favourite singer. So can you imagine how excited I was when I found out my ultimate favourite singer is coming to town! (yes, I'm way past teeny bopper age but whatever). Unfortunately, I was a little slow and Taylor's concert tickets were SOLD OUT IN 3 HOURS! I was disappointed and accepted the fact that there is a 99% chance I will never see her live. BUT, on the afternoon of the concert itself, I got a call and can't believe I scored last minute tickets to her concert...and I didn't even need to pay for it...and it was the best seats in town!! SO, THANK YOU ;)

 It was a Wednesday and I was obviously at work but the events that happened that afternoon were so hazy cause I was filled with so much euphoria. The only downside was that I didn't have a chance to change into appropriate Taylor Swift concert attire (ie: red high waisted shorts + black & white striped tee) so I was in a formal work dress haha. That didn't stop me from having a blast :D

 While waiting for the concert to start I heard screaming behind me, turned around and saw JinnyBoy waving to his fans. 

 Opening number was State of Grace in her signature red shoes!

 She played the guitar for a few of her numbers..

I think this was when she gave a little speech about her next song...RED!

Swapped into an old Hollywood glam gown for The Lucky One (which reminded me very much of Britney Spears' Lucky). 

She also played the ukelele when she sang Mean

At one point, a video montage of Taylor singing from the age of 1 onwards started playing. The video stopped after she was 21 years old and guess what song came after???

Twenty two ooh ooo~

 This was when she performed Enchanted...I love how she didn't let the hair stuck on her eyelash bother her performance :)

 When she came out in this vintage dress, I thought she was going to perform Love Story but no...turns out it was I Knew You Were Trouble! One of my favourite songs of hers :) :)

  Halfway through, her frumpy dress was ripped to reveal this sexy outfit...and yes, that's her kicking her dancer here.

Yeap, she plays the piano too.

 The sight of Romeo got everyone cray cray cos we all know what that means!! LOVE STORY! 

After this song, the stage transformed to a circus with stilt walkers, "siamese twins" and a little magic show. I knew this was the finale because there is one hit song she has yet to perform...

Bam! We Are Never Getting Back Together was the finale! Sorry, was too busy enjoying the last song to take any more pictures so that's my last picture of her :)

It was such an amazing experience! 

Have a good weekend y'all :)


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