Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fashion Forecast July 2014: Unconventional swimwear

Wow, can't believe it has been a year since I did a swimwear post! Looks like every July is going to be dedicated to swimwear since it's summer in most countries. This year, I noticed that swimwear has really upped its game from the conventional triangle or bandeau styles. This year I am also gravitating towards bikinis that provides a bit more coverage (think high waisted, corset bandeaus and rashguards). Here are my TOP 10 unconventional swimwear picks!

This Karmaloop palm print bikini is the epitome of a mod summer style. Love the whole summer print but in subdued black & white for a bit of a classy take on things. I'm also a big fan of this corset-ish bandeau that makes it a little more decent due to its length. I also love pieces that can go from beach to dinner by just throwing on a high waisted skirt. 
This This is a love song bikini is to die-for. I love the fresh colour combination, the neoprene material, the high waist and the cut-out halter top. Once again, this is a flexible outfit where you can just throw on a high-waist midi skirt and you're good to go out for a party. 

This Revolve bikini I love for its marble print in black & white. The conservative bottom helps cover some of those unflattering areas and is the print gives an illusion of a slimmer silhouette. 
Another gorgeous corset bikini seen on Hapatime by Swimspot.com. TIP: This corset bikini also works well for those who wants to look heavier on top ;)

This is another awesome piece from Swimspot.com. Love the colour combinations and the flared top also gives a heavier top effect and balances out the whole silhouette. TIP: Orange radiates a pleasant aura so wearing orange makes the wearer and people looking at the wearer happier. 

Worried about getting sunburn on your shoulders? This cropped rashguard top by Hurley gives the coverage you need while still looking fashionably sporty. I never thought I would one day think covering up on a beach would look good ;)
High neck mesh bikini. I'll wrote about how sports halter is so IN right now it's nowonder I found this mesh halter bikini appealing. This helps conceal some cleavage too if you are top heavy and want to look more decent in a bikini.
I still have a soft spot for bandeaus and I absolutely love these neoprene Triangl Swimwear bikinis that looked like it came from the future. My favourite is the one in lime green!

 Here is another option for covering up them shoulders! This Pacsun pineapple rashguard top as seen on Eugenie from feralcreature.com looks super cute! I love that it doesn't even look like a rashguard and can be paired with denim cut-off shorts when you're not at the beach.
Last but not least this Pacsun swimwear deserves a place in my list because it looks totally out of this world. You'll definitely turn heads wearing this! 

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