Saturday, July 12, 2014

OOTD: DIY muscle tee

I tried something really different with my editing and "photography" today. I think you can tell :) So, today's outfit is something really simple. It's basically just a tee and shorts but with glam-ed up accessories. I absolutely love muscle tees cos they are so airy and comfy but why buy one when you can easily make one. I'm pretty sure you already have the items you need which is basically just an old oversized band tee and scissors. I didn't have any band tees so I went with this old Twilight tee I won a couple years back (don't judge!). Anyway, one good thing about making your own outfits is the freedom to customize all you want..You can adjust how big you want the arm hole to be. The trend is to show a little bit of bra/bandeau top but you can always make it smaller if you are more conservative. Have fun!

p/s: who finds it creepy that Edward Cullen is staring right at you? :D

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