Sunday, January 4, 2015

OOTD: Self-proclaimed hipster

I really love this new top of mine that I got from Brands Outlet. Their clothes are super affordable too! I love it mainly because of its sporty but subtle style, it is totally comfortable because it has a unique is an open lower back concept which I didn't manage to get in the pictures (sorry, but it looks something like Taylor Swift's top below) and of course, who could resist a top that literally screams hipster. 

Sidetrack: I noticed that all my latest shopping haul seems to be stuff that Taylor has worn. I actually bought a similar shorts too, but that is for another post. 

Of course I had to cuff up my jeans. They look so much better that way because bare ankles gives an illusion of height. This old gold cardigan was an unexpected last minute pairing. I wanted to wear gold since it was for a New Year's luncheon but I didn't think it will go well with this sporty top. However, the juxtaposition of luxe and sports seem to work really well so the moral of the story is to NEVER stop being adventurous with fashion cause you may just discover new ways to wear old clothing.

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