Friday, March 13, 2015

Best dressed: Grammys vs Oscars vs Brit Awards

February was award season so here is a round up of my top 3 favourite looks from the...


Kylie Jenner

Taylor Swift
Teal ombre and purple heels. Only Taylor can rock such a combination.

(she was threading the line between love it or hate it, but i decided to love it because of how demure she looked..which is such a rare sight!)

Emma Stone
Loving the lime green and yellow hues.
Zoe Zaldana
Anna Kendrick

Brit Awards

Taylor Swift
Once again, only Tay Tay can pull off a friggin dragon on her back without looking like a gangster

Jessie Ware

Cara Delevingne
Probably the only person who can turn up to an award show wearing a shirt with slacks and still look stunning

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