Sunday, July 19, 2015

Home Decor Trend #1: Coastal Home

For the past year, I have found a new found love for home decor especially when I have a new home to decorate very soon. Every day and night I would spend at least 30 minutes researching on latest decor trends via Pinterest or Youtube videos. I've decided I can no longer keep all this info to myself and just have to share my Top 10 favourites with you guys and some tips to recreate the look. So this post today marks the start of a 10 blog post series of home decor trends in 2015 (in no particular order).

One of the trends that I've like in the past, and still love today is Coastal decor. Now, what is coastal? As the name suggests, it is basically beach house inspired decor. BUT, there are actually a few other types of beach inspired decor which includes Nautical & Tropical that are very different from each other. Coastal decor here refers to a classier, subtle beach home decor like those you see in the Hamptons

Quick tips to this look

Colours: Stick to light colours like baby blue, teal, sea foam, beige and sand colours. If you are using wood, it would be good to have some distressed wood elements to create that feel of wood that have been weathered by the ocean waves. 

Patterns: This look doesn't require loud prints but stripes can make an appearance. Usually in thinner and lighter blue lines as opposed to Nautical decor that uses dark hues like navy blue & red. Usage of linen is also a good way to infuse some textures without having too much patterns going on.

Decorative elements:  Feature seashells, twine, bottles and loads of baskets. Art with subtle palm trees, beach pictures, sea paintings and a sign that says "beach" helps set the mood too. 

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