Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: Latest Nightly Routine

Recently, I have started adding new products to my nightly routine, some are recommended by friends and some are just mere samples. But together, they seem to work. Just thought I'd run through them with you guys. Just some background, I have never been one to be very "disciplined" with my skincare but for the past couple of months my skin just started breaking out and every other day a new zit would appear. So one day, I have decided that I need to get this sorted out pronto before I become scar-face. Ugh.

1. Sebamed Clear Face Gentle Scrub
I have been looking for a good face scrub because the one I have is past its expiry date, thanks to me not using it regularly. Settled on Sebamed because I have been using their deodorant and shampoo and it works really well. Plus it's made in Germany and uses non harmful ingredients which is a plus point since I try to use products as clean as possible. The amount of chemicals humans subject themselves to every day is insane, we should try and avoid them whenever possible. Anyhow, love this scrub, the particles is gentle enough to be used every day but it does scrub off dead skin and impurities leaving your skin feeling really clean. I also noticed my pimples reduced after using this.

2. Cocoa Palmers Line Smoothing Cream 
This was actually a sample I got, no compelling reason for me to use it but since I have it, might as well add to my routine. So far, I can't tell if it does reduce fine lines (which is what it is supposed to do according to the packaging). I don't have a lot of fine lines so the difference (if any) wasn't noticeable. It does reduce my eye bags though which is always a good thing!

3. Burt's Bees Acne Solution
True to its name, this is my magic potion when it comes to clearing acne. My colleague recommended me this and she was right about it. It does dry up zits in ONE DAY which is quite amazing. Use this religiously since I got it and saw major improvement in my skin condition. Strongly believe this plus the Sebamed scrub was what saved my skin. It's a bit pricey for a small bottle (around RM90) but trust me, it's worth the investment if you have problem skin.

4. Eucerin Cover Stick
I purchased this because I was looking for a concealer that I can use to cover my zits and treat it at the same time. This cover stick has salicylic acid which can penetrate into the pore and dissolve dead skin cells build up. It also encourages shedding of the top layer (but not over drying it) so pores don't get congested.

5. Sulwhasoo Serum
This was also a sample I got from their newly opened counter in Isetan KLCC. I am guessing it is a new brand (at least for the Malaysian market) since I have never seen it before. This serum smells like herbs (because it uses natural ingredients) and absorbs really well into the skin. A little weird at first because it smells like you're putting herbal soup on your face... This serum acts as a base that helps your skincare product absorb better into the skin. Have not seen any noticeable difference but it does help my skin absorb my moisturizer better. It's a Korean brand so I guess anything Korean should be good right? :)

So that's all for my nightly routine. I use a total of 8 products every night now which can get quite taxing but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. At least till my skin is under control.

Happy Eid Al-fitr to those who are celebrating!

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