Sunday, August 23, 2015

Home decor trend #3: Palm Springs Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern is one of the many popular decor trends in recent years. Basically, this trend originated in the 1950s-60s when modern design elements were introduced into interior design. Unlike other decor themes that can easily be characterized by the colour, finishing details and decorative items, this theme is strongly characterized by its furniture. For example, most furniture during this era have a very sleek and modern design for its "legs". Metal hardware on furniture is not uncommon either. Having said that, the desert town of Palm Springs in California is where this trend was very popular back then. Fast forward half a century later, this trend has made its comeback and today I will be sharing some Palm Springs Mid Century inspired decor, which in a nutshell is a bright, minimal look with mid-century hardware and desert vibes.

Quick tips to this look

Colours: White for the walls. White or neutral colours for the furniture with pops of colours here and there. For metal hardware, silver or gold works best. 

Patterns: Palm leaves and cactus patterns would definitely help with the desert vibes but don't go overboard with the patterns as this look has to be somewhat minimal. 

Decorative elements: You don't need a lot of decorative elements here, what you do need are mid century furniture that have:
1) Sleek wooden legs (usually seen on chairs, study tables, TV cabinets)
2) Hairpin legs (usually seen on chairs, bedside tables, TV cabinets) or 
3) Angular metal legs (usually seen on sofas, coffee tables, bedside tables)
Lastly, bring in a few pots of desert plants like palm trees, succulents and cacti for the finishing touches. 

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