Wednesday, July 27, 2011

...and the cycle continues.

Halfway through the first week and still surviving. Assignments and presentations are coming my way!
3 months of NERD-MODE starts from now on much to many disbelief. I really gotta buck up and focus this time around. The University though still generates the same vibe, same type of people, unique individuals, people who wear dresses school and people who flop in with flops and shorts, freshies thinking they are all that, lousy cafeteria food & ventilation, numorous websites we need to navigate through all the time...
Though all these remains the same, I personally have changed much since I left this place 3 years ago, so here's to a new life. There are a couple of other things that have changed as well, like how my classes are all in the evenings but at least they provide us with free dinner.

2 years ago

To those who are still wondering, I have just started my life as a postgraduate student. Wish me luck :)

p/s: Today marks Day 9 without coffee, in an attempt to get well soon.

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