Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Olsen Twins

One of the many fashion icons that I adore are The Olsen Twins. Having grown up watching Full House I have been loving them since they were mere kids! Now, they are not only fashion icons but also business moguls, launching their own clothing line one after another. From Elizabeth to James, Olsenboye, The Row and the latest addition Stylemint which allows users to design their own t-shirts!

Anyway, the reason why I love their fashion sense so much is because they never overdo their outfits. If you notice, most of their outfits are in staple colours like white, black and grey. They do wear colours once in awhile and they never overdo their accesories. Hence, the always immaculate and elegent look. Super like! They are probably the only people in the world who can pull off out-of-bed hair, big t-shirts and shorts and STILL look gorgeous! #envy

What do you think?

From Full House to Fashionistas

Love this picture of them from their latest line Stylemint

Elizabeth & James line, named after their siblings

Inspired yet?

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