Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bits & Bops

Photos from the past week and a "what's in my bag" post.

Mascarpone. Korean BBQ. Polaroid fun. Quiet drive down town. Coffee date and what's in my bag.
Always wanted to do one of those what's in my bag posts but never had the chance so here goes. I'm probably the most practical girl ever. I don't believe in carrying too much make-up, two cameras or two phones (though I admit I used to carry two phones for a short period of time). I don't get how those girls can stand carrying 2 cameras, 2 phones, an iPad, a notebook and a bunch of makeup in their bag. Wouldn't it be heavy? Well here's whats typically in my bag (Top to Bottom):

1. A shawl - for chilly days and last minute movie outings
2. Braun Buffel Wallet in Red - My favourite wallet to date. 
3. My blackberry, which is in denial of it's colour.
4. Medication box - you'll never know when you need that panadol! Trust me, every girl should carry one of these and stock up the necessities (for me its panadol, gastric meds, charcoal pills (for stomach ache/mild food poisoning) and flu meds cause having a runny nose is annoying as hell)
5. Tissue paper - this is a MUST!!
6. Heart shaped polka dots pouch gifted by a friend - this is where I keep my make-up stuff etc. The following few items are the stuff in it :)
7. Loccitane lip gloss gifted by an ex-boss
8. Maybelline lip balm - I use this before the gloss cause it has a rosy tint and I have pale lips
9. Red lipstick - only for emergency outings, where I need to glam up my look. Easiest way to do it is with red lips...
10. Comb - the boy joked that I carry a guy's comb but this is one reliable comb that has been with me for years! Its cheap too. Just look past the aesthetics :) 
11. Loccitane solid perfume, also gifted by my ex-boss
12. Skinfood "Brunch Box" gifted on my 21st birthday by some friends. The lip gloss inside was long gone but I carry it with me cause it has a mirror inside and the box looks too cute to trash! 
13. Optical cleaning cloth - for my glasses which I wear almost all the time.

So that's whats in my bag! In case you're wondering, I don't carry stuff like compact powder or eye-liner or stuff like that where most girls do because....I am lazy/can't be bothered to touch-up my make up all the time. In fact I don't use foundation and powder anymore so there's really nothing to touch up. Haha. Okay, that's all for now! Wish me luck for my exams :) 

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