Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All that glitters

Glitter, sequins, blings, sparkle are all in this season!!!!! I need a piece of glitter in my wardrobe NOW :) Here are some lust worthy pictures. *drools*

Damn she can pull of glitter dress, glitter heels and glitter clutch all in one look without looking cheap..

Combination of my two current lusts : glitters + tail dresses

Another favourite combo: glitter + sweaters

..and again.

And of course Serena Van Der Woodsen rocked this sequin jacket!

Loving Charlie Rhodes glitter embroidered dress in Gossip Girl episode 9 :)
Daydream ends abruptly here. Now it's back to the country profile that I am supposed to do for my summer class. Oh, I am going to be watching Tom Cruise climb the world tallest building tomorrow! Stay tuned :) 

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