Monday, December 12, 2011

Tell me something I don't know

 Just thought I'd share some pictures with you guys..

Delicious Balinese Date Cake at Antipodean Cafe (yes my favourite coffee place in KL!)

The smoothest cappuccino I've ever tasted! - Antipodean

Banana Bread with Honey (sounds like nothing but its good! though I prefer the Balinese Date cake more) - Antipodean

This is what Monash, the university I study in, came up with for a Christmas tree. I'm guessing they are either going for  a "tropical" theme with those coconut tree leaves or "avantgarde"? *shrugs*

My first attempt at Borscht soup and it was a success! Kinda looks more like Kim Chi soup though in the pic...

Saw this on Frankie Magazine's FB page..pretty awesome beanie she has there. This would make a good Halloween prop!

Alice in Wonderland 2012 Diary 0.0 Very vintage, I likeee!

We had three ninja's for dinner :) - at Ninja Joe's pork burgers

Watched New Year's Eve movie today and loved it! Made me realise how much I love this time of the year (Xmas/New Year season). Don't you just feel like there's magic in the air??? :)

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