Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Outfit Myths

Now that I am feeling much better, except from the pain in my wrist from the IV drip, it is about time i posted this. Before my recent trip to China I've been doing a lot of research about winter clothing because I was going to be there for 10 days, right smack in the middle of the coldest month in China. I always loved how people who lived in four season countries can layer up with layers of clothing and winter coats so I thought I could pull off the same....thus the research began on Lookbook. However, after much consultation with people who live in/been to winter countries, I realised that some of the outfits on Lookbook are just not achievable for someone who lived in a tropical country her whole life. Apparently, I will freeze if I didn't have the right winter wear. So a week before my trip, I gave in and bought a black down parka. Not the nicest piece of clothing but it did keep me warm in the negative degree weather and windy nights. SO here's a compilation of pictures from Lookbook that I am certain will not work on a practical basis in winter. My conclusion - These girls are either:

1) Extremely used to the cold (IMHO, no matter how used to cold you are, there's no way you can walk in the cold like that), which makes the second point more reasonable...

2) Took off their hideous outer jacket and embrace the cold just for a LB pic

Its freaking snowing, you can just go without a down jacket on the outside...and heels in snow???

That long sleeve tee wont save you if you wear it on its own, even if its heattech.

once again..heels in snow???

If i wore this out in China i would have died from coldness...

SHEER in snow???? 

BARE SKIN in snow?????? Possible for like a few seconds maybe..

sheer stockings and bare skin in snow....hmmm...


mini dress and heels??? now this is madness.

This is actually not too bad...but still looks cold to me.

bareskin again...

sheer stockings again.

bareback in the snow.

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I still don't know how these girls stand the cold for even that few minutes just for the pictures! I know I looked exactly the same throughout my whole trip, sigh. Same down jacket, same scarf, same gloves, same beanie. So much for being fashionable in winter countries.

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