Monday, February 13, 2012

Travelogue: Shanghai

After a 45minute train journey from Hangzhou, we finally arrived in Shanghai on a bullet train which reached 301km/h. Of course, there's the Maglev which goes up to 500km/h but that takes you to the airport. It was my second time in Shanghai and as usual their traffic jams and 5 tiered highways greet us with much love. It was a jam packed trip, full of company visits (for work) and shopping of course! This time around I managed to take photos of The Bund at night which is MUCH better than the day time. However, it was freezing like mad and Shanghai was the coldest among the four cities I have been to as it is located right next to the huge Huangpu River.

Nickname: Paris of the East (used to be occupied by the French)
Weather: 3C-7C (feels like negative at night as it is very windy due to it's coastal nature)
Time difference: None
Accommodation: Shanghai Salvo Hotel, Guangdong Road (10 mins walk to Nanjing Road & The Bund)

Getting off the bullet train - glad to be able to take the first cabin right in front, hence I could snap a picture before the train speeds off! 

Lunch with Dad @ Glo London, French Concession

O'Malley's Irish Pub @ French Concession

Nanjing Road at night and my new fake hair

French architecture galore at the famous Shanghai Bund

The other side of Shanghai's Bund - New Pudong District

Company visit to the biggest foreign car manufacturer in China

What I call "normal" food. Thank goodness. 

Huai Hai Road at night

Haul from the 5 storey H&M on Huai Hai Road and the fake market near Tiantong Road Subway station *blogged here*

Cops on beamer bikes

MRI Scans at Pudong

Nanjing Road during the day

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Taking the subway after my second visit to the fake market

Our last dinner in China which deserves a whole post for itself...coming soon :) 

That's all for my adventures in cold and hazy China. I'm still considering on whether I should blog about food first or India. You will find out in the next post :)


  1. Can't wait for the india experience revelation :)

  2. done India first part :)


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