Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Travelogue: Streets of India

After spending 10 days in China, we moved on to a whole different part of the world - India. A land that sounds so foreign yet familiar (because of Indian food in Malaysia). Before coming to India, I did extensive research on survivor skills here and read about the filth, contaminated meat, polluted fog, animals that roam the streets freely, power cuts, Delhi Belly and the political unrest. Guess what? I have experienced all of that during my week in India. The food poisoning was the worst part of it but that's a story for another day. What I can share with you now, is the sad reality of India as it is. After coming back from this place, I've started appreciating my own country more and more. I never complained about traffic jams anymore because I've seen worst in India, where buses, trucks, cars, tuk tuks, trishaws, cows, goats, horse carriages, dogs, wild boars, humans, children and soldiers share a road. I never complain about roads being bumpy in Malaysia because India's much worst. At least we have proper highways here in Malaysia where you don't have to stop by the roadside, get out of your vehicle, walk to the "tax" office down the road to pay your tolls, while peddlers with monkeys try to rip off tourists who took a picture of them...you don't have child beggars knocking on your taxi window trying to sell you flowers, taxi drivers driving with a broken side mirror and you don't need to brush your teeth with mineral water or worry about keeping your mouth close while taking a shower...

If you want a life-changing experience, then by all means, go to India. Cause it did change my life...

The following pictures are taken in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Agra. 

Weather: 17C (Winter), due to the recent extreme weather conditions it went down to 5C.
Time difference: Two and half hours behind Malaysian time
Accommodation: Country Inn Suites by Carlson, Gurgaon (Not recommended to stay here as it is too far from Delhi - 90 minutes drive)

A common sight on Indian streets

Finally, a beautiful meadow was found a midst the slums and rubbish dumps.

What say you? 


  1. Yeah I remember what an experience it was for me too. Mostly because of it was such a country of extremes. The beautiful Kashmir lakes and snowy mountain tops, brilliant shiny sarees in Delhi shops, magnificence of the Taj Mahal; contrasted against dirty drains, dusty air and roads (even my snot came grey ok -_-!), splats of cow dung drying on rooftops to be used as fire starters, homeless people under pedestrian bridges in the coldest of winter nights, a mother feeding her baby newspaper on the streets. Madness, but memorable. (It was especially scary when Ching I went because it was right after the Kashmir bombings so people walked around with rifles under their thick clothing on the streets :S)

    The pictures you took are all so poignant - beautiful yet sad. And the last looks like a painting :)

    Ok, verbal diarrhoea over!

  2. Yeah I totally get what you mean. when we landed on the first day we had to wear masks cos the pollution was really bad. I saw a mother breastfeeding on the streets but feeding newspaper?! that's insane. is newspaper even edible? Yeah, kashmir is dangerous cos its near the borders of Pakistan. Luckily you guys were alright. But what made you want to go to India? Its not really a top vacation destination...

    About the pictures, every time I look at these photos I feel sad for them. Thankfully there is that one picture of that beautiful meadow I chanced upon.

    Thanks for sharing your experience here! Can't wait to read about your HK shopping experience :)


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