Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A meal in India

On the day we went to the Taj Mahal, our guide brought us for lunch at this tourist restaurant relatively near the Taj. Remarkably, though this restaurant did not look as clean, none of us got sick from eating here. It was the classy restaurant we went to the following night which made us all got food poisoning. So, I have decided to share with you guys how a normal Indian meal is served in India (based on my experience in this restaurant). Apart from the dirty utensils, spicy food overload and expired coke, it was a good experience and their service was impeccable. The waiter said "please" after every sentence...he even said please after saying thank you!

New Riao Restaurant in Agra (seems like a tourist restaurant because we spotted a couple of western tourists dining here)

I liked their outdoor seating, besides the fact that the utensils was exposed (had to clean it with tissue to remove the black dust). It was winter, so the weather was chilly but not too cold which is the perfect weather to be sitting out in the open (thankfully Agra was not as polluted as Delhi). 

Vegetable soup which was really peppery

Platter of tandoori chicken and other fried food

Butter rice which tasted like chlorine. Btw, they serve all their food in stainless steel cutlery. 

Butter Chicken - one of India's specialty

Spicy veggies which I quite like

My favourite! Curry potatoes

Green curry? Did not try this because it looks weird..

More curry chicken

Paratha bread which I ate ALOT since the rice tasted like chlorine

Finally, a dessert which I did not try either because it looked EXACTLY like a sponge soaked in condensed milk. 

Anyway, I have just written my first post in BDG Lifestyle Blog. It's my new side project with some of my close friends. I'll be writing more informative posts over there so do check it out. My first post is about Travel Tips in India *Click* :)

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