Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back to present times

Finally finished all my posts on China & India. Now its back to more recent pics:  Soft launch of The Delish, someone's cat, Hutong Lot 10, a Haagen Dazs feast and a birthday party at McDonald's for our friend who just turned 5 x5 :)

Top worn as dress, Cotton On, Brown batwing cardi, H&M, bag & shoes from Sg Wang.

Salmon with pineapple penne. Brilliant combi! 

The boys were pleased to get their sausage fix. 

Hutong Food Village

Cookies & Cream, Belgian Choc & Rum & Raisin

Half an hour later.... Rum & Raisins is still my favourite of the lot!

Yummy cupcakes in McDonalds. 
My 5 year old outfit for the theme: Hogwarts Tee, Uniqlo, Fair Isle inspired cardi, Zara,  Black lace skirt, Forever 21,  white canvas school shoes, Bata, socks, Shanghai, Teal backpack (can't be seen here), Sg Wang, bow earrings, H&M
My badge (I'm wearing as a necklace) says: It's great to be 5! The last picture is taken by an iPhone 3Gs if you're wondering about the quality. Managed to salvage it with some effects. On another note, classes has started which means lesser time to blog :( Will try my best! 


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