Thursday, March 1, 2012

You know you're old when...

Got inspired by fourfeetnine to write this post. Everything she said is so true I feel like just copy pasting it here. But I shall try and write some of my own stuff..

You know you're an adult/old when....

....You sleep by 12am every night

....You customize your drinks at Starbucks

....You ask for less ice and less sugar for everything

....You don't go out on Friday nights (except for maybe...dinner)

....You are usually home from your outings by 10pm

....You go shopping at 10am to avoid the "jam"

....You prefer shopping alone

....You don't care what others say about you anymore

....You tend to follow your instincts than follow the herd (ie: your friends)

....You start spending more time with family

....You start thinking about starting a family

....You start worrying about buying a house

....You see a bunch of college students and immediately think "kids"

....You start wearing glasses more often than contact lens because it is more comfortable

....You put on less make-up than before because you think it may worsen your "aging" skin condition

....You start using anti-aging skincare

....You think of boiled veggies as a dinner option (and actually like it)

....You start taking vitamins and supplements regularly

....The sight of fried food disgusts you

....You stop drinking/clubbing/partying

....A perfect weekend is staying home and watching TV series

....You get muscle pains from walking too much

....You spotted a wrinkle or a gray hair

....You drink warm water when eating out instead of some diabetes inducing or fattening drink

....You worry about gaining weight after pregnancy, although it have not happened yet

....If you're single, you worry about being #foreveralone

....Lastly (I stole this line from a friend), you know you're old when you've watched American Pie 1. 

Which I find really true! Can't wait to watch the upcoming American Pie 8 - The Reunion (yes, it has been that long)

p/s: Just so you know - just because I am back to being a student now, doesn't make me feel any younger. Age is creeping in. I guess this is how it feels like hitting a quarter century... If you have any more of these #youknowyou'reold then do comment! :)


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